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The future for Half-Life doesn't look so bad after the VR action game Half-Life: Alyx. Even Valve said it would keep options open for other games in the series. Naughty Dogs Neil Druckmann would also like to do something in this area.

A Half-Life 3 by Naughty Dog – that will probably remain a pipe dream

Druckmann was asked on Twitter: "Hypothetical question: For which established IP would you want to develop a game?" Then he replied: "1) Punisher 2) Half-Life 3) Ghost Rider 4) Hotline Miami 5) Cowboy Bebop – I just remember …" That doesn't mean we have a Half-Life or a new hotline Miami got from Naughty Dog. However, the thought isn't all that bad.

A Half-Life penned by the Uncharted and The Last of Us developers would certainly have something. Atmosphere and action would certainly not be neglected as well as the story. And that's exactly what a new half-life needs. It was supposed to be a story-driven shooter full of action. Presumably Valve will take care of a new game for this brand itself – if we ever get a Half-Life 3. A game based on the anime series Cowboy Bebop, which is currently being implemented in live action, would be just as interesting. A game in the style of Uncharted would have something for this.

Naughty Dog is currently working on a new project that we don't know about yet. It could be The Last of Us Part 3 or something completely new. It would be conceivable that Neil Druckmann might have already given a little hint about the upcoming game with his answer – but it is probably just ideas that were pounding through his head at the time.

Source: Twitter

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