of Lukas Schmid
In a few days the unthinkable happens and Half-Life continues. However, not as you might think: Half-Life: Alyx puts us in VR in the shoes of the title-giving Alyx and we don't shoot through an official third part, but through a prequel. This raises many questions – which we hope we can answer.

On March 23, the time has come, then Half-Life will go with it Half-Life: Alyx in the third round. No, the cliffhanger from Half-Life 2: Episode 2 will probably not be resolved in it, because the virtual reality-exclusive shooter is a prequel. Long before Gordon Freeman's experiences in Half-Life 2, we slip into the virtual slippers of Alyx Vance and fight the Combine.

It is completely understandable that players and series fans have a lot of questions. And we want to hear that! How does it play How intense is the VR experience? What is there to say about the game's lore? Is there another garden gnome that we have to maneuver around? As far as possible, we want to be able to answer all of these questions. Just tell us what you are interested in! If the current difficult situation permits, we will publish a FAQ video in the foreseeable future and explain what there is to know about the game.

To ask a question, simply write using the comment function below this news article. Until Half-Life: Alyx and our video appear, you can also pass the time related topics! We recommend our test for the noble fan remake, for example Half-Life: Black Mesa, Information about the Half-life items in the PC version of Death Stranding and the official statement from the developers about the future of the series. We hope you enjoy reading!

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