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In the current documentary by Noclip on the history of the Arkane Studios there is new alpha gameplay from the discontinued Half-Life: Ravenholm. The spinoff was discontinued many years ago without reason. The shooter's focus this time would not have been Gordon Freeman, but Adrian Shepard. New items such as the magnetic weapon would have brought additional approaches to puzzles into play.

It has been more than a decade since the Arkane Studios team was developing Half-Life: Ravenholm. However, the spinoff was discontinued after some time. Now, however, new alpha gameplay from the shooter at that time has been released. The material comes from the documentary "The Untold History of Arkane" by Noclip. Several developers of the project at the time were interviewed as part of the documentary. We have included the video below.

The material for Half-Life: Ravenholm will be available from minute 33. The documentary is generally worth a look for fans of Arkane Studios. In addition to the spinoff, The Crossing and LMNO are two other projects that have been stopped. Most recently, the developer studio was responsible for the Dishonored series and Prey, among others. The team is currently working with publisher Bethesda on Deathloop.

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Instead of Gordon Freeman, players in Ravenholm would have taken on the role of Adrian Shepard. Father Grigori would also have been seen at the beginning of the story. Innovations like the magnetic weapon would have brought new approaches to solving puzzles. The projectiles of this weapon produced electricity chains, which could then be used for bridging, for example. Also in the documentary there is no detailed reason why the project was stopped at that time. Just like the fans, the developers at Arkane Studios were disappointed with the setting.

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