Halloween deals: Horror hits in the Humble Bundle

With the “Halloween Humble Bundle” you can now secure ten scary game hits – for only 12.71 euros! We present you the current offer for horror fans.

So that you have enough scary games to play around Halloween, you can now secure the "Halloween Humble Bundle" in the Humble Store and with it ten horror games for your Steam library Add. As always, you can choose between three different price levels and decide for yourself how much the individual games are worth to you. You can get all ten available games from 12.71 euros – clearly a real bargain. You can also find many more horror games in the Humble Store at the moment, also individually at greatly reduced prices.

The main thing is horror: Halloween with Humble Bundle

If you choose a Humble Bundle, you have to choose between three possible price levels, each of which builds on one another and unlocks additional games. If you choose level 3 in the "Halloween Humble Bundle", you will receive all ten available games. The Halloween promotion runs until November 3rd.

You can set the exact value of the games for yourself and thus pay exactly as much as you want. As usual, a portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization – the Humble Bundle is guaranteed to be worth it. Here we show you how the price levels are structured:

Level 1: EUR 0.84 to EUR 7.86

Level 2: 7.87 euros to 12.70 euros

  • The Letter – Horror Visual Novel
  • DARQ
  • Blood: Fresh Supply
  • Detention

Level 3: From 12.71 euros

In addition to the bundle, there are currently attractive discounts on individual games in the Humble. You shouldn't miss out on the following horror games in particular:

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