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343 Industries is currently preparing to test Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on PC. If everything goes well, it should start in the coming month.

After the release of Halo: Reach on Steam, the next part of the action series is now on the plan. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary should be able to be tested shortly.

Soon you can test the first halo on PC

The developer studio 343 Industries and Microsoft want to release the Halo games in chronological order, which is why it started with Reach and we now go to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (buy now for € 21.65) pass. Just like Reach, the new edition should appear in a slightly modernized version. Of course, this must be tested before publication. These tests are currently scheduled for January 2020 – if everything goes well, as the developers explain in a blog.

The Master Chief Collection continues after Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary with Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4.

And Halo: Infinite is planned for the coming year, which continues the story of the Master Chief on the new Xbox Series X. The game wants to show what the new console generation can achieve.

Source: GamesRadar

Halo Anniversary for Xbox 360: The first 15 minutes

Also popular with PC game readers Halo: Four games soon playable with Xbox One backward compatibility (1) "src =" https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/237x133/2012/11/halo-4-master-chief_b2teaser_169.jpg

Halo: Four games soon playable with Xbox One backward compatibility

343 Industries has announced that a total of four Halo games will soon be available with Xbox One backward compatibility. This is what the Mega Bloks Halo game would have looked like. "Src =" https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/237x133/2017/01/mega-bloks-halo-pc-games_b2teaser_169.JPGX360

Halo: Mega Bloks game was in progress for the action series

Apparently, a halo game was in the works, based on the lego-like mega blocks. X360

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: Release trailer for the documentary "Remaking the Legend"

Before the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Microsoft will release a documentary called "Remaking the Legend", which is about the creation of Halo 2: Anniversary. The whole thing will be released on October 31, 2014 and we can already see the release trailer.

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