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Halo: Infinite is still a hotly debated topic among gamers because what Microsoft showed at the Xbox Series X showcase didn't convince everyone. The developers reacted once again to the criticism and assured that the feedback would be heard.

Microsoft did with the presentation of the gameplay from the upcoming shooter Halo: Infinite not done a favor? The material shown has led to some criticism from the community and even the statement that it was an old build does not exactly calm down.

Player feedback is heard

Halo: Infinite (buy now) Didn't look like some of the next-gen games in Microsoft’s gameplay video. According to the developers, what was seen was material from an older version. But that does not reassure every fan. On the criticism of a particularly frustrated Twitter users Dan Chosich, director of Halo: Infinite's narrative experience, responded as follows:

"I've been in a situation like this before. I know what it's like when expectations are built (and) you feel disappointed. I want you to know that your voice counts (and) is heard. Your feedback is not true on deaf ears. I always want to do justice to the legacy that Bungie has created. It is very important to me personally to honor that. "

Microsoft and the developer studio 343 Industries are therefore aware that the introduction of Halo: Infinite has disappointed some fans and want to take the feedback into account. How the release version of the game then differs from that which was shown at the Xbox Series X showcase cannot be said at the moment.

However, Halo: Infinite is not just a game, but a kind of "platform", over which Halo should continue for many, many years. Even if Microsoft doesn't call it that, Halo: Infinite seems to be a games-as-a-service title that is regularly provided with new content and extended for a long time.

Source: VG247

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