Halo Infinite is apparently getting Battle Royale mode and spin-offs – games up-to-date

Some shooter fans are waiting for Halo Infinite. But the game was postponed to 2021. Now a leak has emerged that allegedly reveals information about the hotly anticipated action game.

A big leak about Halo Infinite

According to the leak, the shooter Halo Infinite (buy now ) appear between March and June 2021. The developer studio 343 Industries is currently still puzzling at the end of the story. This should have a very big impact on the entire story of the Halo universe and the team now has to choose between two possible end sequences in order to get this story across well. In addition, the leak speaks of the fact that another developer studio is involved a battle royale mode for the shooter was commissioned. This should appear sometime in 2021. However, Halo Infinite gets a 45vs45 invasion mode by default, in which UNSCs fight Banished.

It is also said that Microsoft is planning four "chapters" which will come after the shooter is released. These, together with two spin-offs, are to be published over a period of ten years. A spin-off is to be a sequel to the Halo Wars series, in which you experience a story about Atriox in traditional RTS battles, which is related to the story of Halo Infinite. The second spin-off is supposed to tell a story of the Fireteam Osiris, which takes place parallel to Halo Infinite. That's very interesting information about Microsoft's upcoming shooter.

However, it is not clear whether this leak is true. Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied the information. Therefore, you should treat all of this as rumors.

Source: Twitter

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