Halo: Infinite loses its Game Director

from Andreas Bertits
Chris Lee, Game Director of the shooter Halo: Infinite and head of the development studio 343 Industries, has passed the game into other hands. Microsoft has since confirmed this.

Halo: Infinite has had a turbulent development. The shooter was actually supposed to be a leek title for the Xbox Series X / S, but was then postponed to the coming year after heavy criticism of the graphics from the players. Allegedly there were also problems with the development. Now the game director resigned.

Chris Lee stated that he is looking for new opportunities for the future. He's sure that the development team behind Halo: Infinite (buy now ) will deliver a great game. But now the time has come for him to say goodbye to the project. "Chris Lee remains a Microsoft employee and although he has stepped down from Halo: Infinite, we appreciate everything he has done for the project so far," Microsoft said in an email message.

In August 2019, Halo: Infinite lost Creative Director Tim Longo and executive producer Mary Olson. Then Chris Lee took over the management of the project. Already after the fan outcry that followed the presentation of the shooter in August, Bungie veteran Joe Staten took over the single player part, while Pierre Hintze took care of the multiplayer part. This sparked speculation that Halo: Infinite might come in two parts. These speculations and rumors are not off the table even today.

Work on Halo: Infinite is still ongoing. However, it is still not clear when we can expect the release of the hotly anticipated shooter. What impact this new personnel change will have on the game and the development schedule cannot be said at the moment.

Source: Bloomberg

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