from Michael Leibner
After Halo Infinite was finally shown at E3 2019, players are eagerly waiting for new information and video material. Now the time has finally come! However, not about the game itself, but a behind-the-scenes video that shows the production process of the audio department.

In the video for the newest part of the Halo saga we see how some of the sounds and sounds are made. The audio designers show us pictures of the audio recordings. We can directly experience which real vehicles produce the sounds that the futuristic aircraft and vehicles from Halo will reproduce.

Halo Infinite: E3 trailer with masterchief and release date

The developers are on a road in the middle of nowhere and drive past the audio devices with the various vehicles at different distances and speeds. In the video you can see a Chevrolet and a buggy. For off-road noise, the designers used a Nissan and mounted the microphones close to the tire. In addition to the pictures, we can hear the unprocessed noises that came out of the recordings.

Halo Infinite is slated for release on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X this fall.
However, the planned release could be postponed due to the global corona crisis.

How do you like the noises? Let us know and tell us what you're most looking forward to at Halo Infinite.

Source:, Twitter

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