Halo Infinite: release of the Xbox shooter postponed to 2021

from André Left
The first person shooter Halo Infinite will definitely no longer be released later this year. The development studio 343 Industries decided with a heavy heart to postpone the release to 2021 for various reasons. Among other things, the current corona pandemic has something to do with it.

It was originally planned that the first-person shooter Halo Infinite should appear in time for the launch of the Xbox Series X towards the end of this year. However, the fans have to wait a little longer for better or worse, because the responsible development studio 343 Industries recently decided to postpone the release to next year. Like studio boss Chris Lee in an official statement explains, there are various reasons for this – including the effects of the corona pandemic. Among other things it says:

"We made the difficult decision to postpone our release to 2021 to ensure the team had enough time to deliver a Halo gaming experience that fits our vision. The decision to postpone is the result of several factors that drive Development challenges have provided – including the COVID-related effects that have affected us all this year (…) It is not sustainable for the well-being of the team or the overall success of the game if we do it this Christmas season would publish. "

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Chris Lee also assured that he could very well understand and understand that the fans because of the postponement of Halo Infinite (buy now) be disappointed. However, all of this is only done for the best of the game and its quality. The team aims to deliver the best possible experience in the Halo universe, so that it takes the time it needs.

A new release date for Halo Infinite has not yet been set, but should follow over the next few months. We stay on the ball for you in this regard.

Source: 343 Industries

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