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Microsoft had already confirmed that Halo Infinite would appear as the launch title for Xbox Series X: The new first-person shooter – like the new console – should come onto the Christmas market in 2020. Fans are eagerly waiting for the first gameplay. But you don't have to wait long: Microsoft has announced the first gameplay for the new adventure around Master Chief for July. As part of the next Inside Xbox episode, fans can take a look at Halo Infinite. In the current May issue, Assassin's Creed Valhalla was presented.

Halo Infinite is as Launch title for Xbox Series X approved. The new first-person shooter and the new Microsoft console are scheduled to be launched in late 2020 – including for PC. A specific date has not yet been set. Fans are eagerly awaiting new material – and especially first gameplay. But they won't have to wait long: As Microsoft announces, the first gameplay video for Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X is planned for July 2020. So in the next edition of Inside Xbox there will be news about the new first person shooter.

Microsoft had already confirmed for the July edition of Inside Xbox that the focus "is on the fantastic games that are currently being developed by Xbox Game Studios". Fans can look forward to "first gameplay insights and exciting background information from the developers". In addition, new games are to be announced.

Are there new games from Double Fine and other studios that Microsoft recently acquired. There is no specific date for the July edition of Inside Xbox. The company only had a new one yesterday Follow his Inside Xbox show released. As part of the show, among other things, a new one Assassin's Creed Valhalla trailer released. The new action role-playing game is announced for the end of 2020.

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