On Halo Infinite many fans of the popular action game series are happy. But what happens after the game? Halo Infinite could be with us for quite a long time.

A games-as-a-service title with a long lifespan?

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has become Halo Infinite (buy now for € 24.99) expressed and suggested that structures known to the game could be broken by regular sequels.

Speaking to Polygon magazine, Phil Spencer said: "The studio learned a lot about what it means to have a collection, a kind of whole halo lore and stories and experiences within a single halo world with a halo user interface and up While on this trip, 343 saw some of the benefits that come from the fact that our customers don't have to make a decision "I want to play this or that." I feel that the games are in some ways Almost competing wisely. You can see that with some of the yearly brands out there – and Halo is clearly not on an annual basis – but you can see that you have to put a lot of energy into it, the customers who are already playing a game, to a new version of the game. I think with the evolution of gaming, the view came up: "Our customers are our customers and we should respect them there wherever they are. "This is similar to what we want to say with the Xbox and you will experience it in terms of the way Halo Infinite is talked about, even the structure of what the game itself is is. "

These are somewhat cryptic and complicated words. But they allow the assumption that Microsoft has much more in mind with Halo Infinite. Maybe we can expect a game that will be supplied with new content over many years instead of constantly releasing new parts of the series to the market. What Phil Spencer tells sounds like games-as-a-service games. Titles that are kept alive for many years with DLCs, updates, microtransactions and new content.

If so, Halo Infinite could be the last Halo game for a long time. It is then regularly expanded and expanded before a new part comes in the distance.

Source: Polygon

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