It has been known for some time that the Hangar 13 development studio is working on a completely new brand. Concrete details or even an announcement are still pending. But at least there are now at least some clues that indicate the basic scenario of the previously unknown game.

These can be found in the current vacancies for Hangar 13. So the team searches including a "Senior Writer"to work on the basic story of the game. The employee of choice should be able to demonstrate a great love for different genres, with fantasy and science fiction being listed in particular. The job description for a "Principal Gameplay Animator"who can "create animations for both human and non-human characters". This can also be interpreted as an indication that aliens or fantasy creatures will appear in the secret game.

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In addition, it seems to be an online game, like some passages from the job description for a "Lead Online Designer" suggest. Hangar 13 remains silent, however, so these are currently only guesses. However, the studio is familiar with large game worlds: The studio, which was only founded in 2013, was able to do this based on its work on Mafia 3 (buy now € 21.34 ) prove. So it wouldn't be surprising if the team were currently working on an open world game on a larger scale.

Source: Vacancies from Hangar 13

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