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As of today, World of Warcraft is officially 16 years old in Europe, because on February 11, 2005 the European servers were launched. Were you there back then and do you still have memories of this memorable moment? We congratulate you, WoW! For the next 16 years!

Happy Birthday, World of Warcraft, oh you online role-playing game that had a lasting impact on and impressed the genre in the mid-2000s! Today, February 11, 2021, WoW is 16 years old in Europe too, because our regional servers were launched on February 11, 2005. 16 years have passed since the brilliant start of the absolute MMO top dog and even today Azeroth is as alive as ever. So all the black painters who conjured the end of WoW in 2006 were not right. OK then!

But our very own Zam is right, who tweeted today for WoW's birthday that World of Warcraft is now allowed to drive a moped in Germany and drink beer. He wishes WoW all the best, and so do we! Happy Birthday, WoW! And Happy Birthday, Blizzard! Because this year the developer studio celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Do you still have memories of the start of the European WoW server or maybe you weren't even born then? Which character was your first, and was it on the side of the Horde or the Alliance? I'm going to start completely unabashedly and say: My first character in WoW on the European live servers was a Taure named Anfauglith and he enjoyed hand-to-hand combat the most. And he liked to steal aggro from his pet. That is why Anfauglith was mostly found dead in Andorhal, because he stole the threat from his cat so quickly that Dead spots did not even have time to subside. The Taure in the picture is, by the way, Anfauglith defending Hammerfall in Arathi. With his sacrifice, he paved the way for all of today's survival hunters!

BlizzCon: The brand new home trailer for Blizzard's 30th Anniversary

By the way: Is WoW old enough for a retro treatment now? We hope you enjoy World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99 ) brings joy and adventure for at least 16 more years!

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