Game highlights and matching PCs

Although we will hopefully have a few more summery days, meteorologically autumn has already begun – the end of the year and therefore Christmas is not too far away. We look at the presumed top games that are due to appear before the end of the year and try to estimate which hardware will be necessary for the respective games. So that you can plan a suitable PC today, we will also put together three PCs between 700 and 1800 euros, which offer a good price-performance ratio for current, but of course also future games.

The potential blockbusters that we address in the special should also run well with our cheapest PC – for maximum details, especially with WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels), it should be our second most expensive PC.

Mafia - Definitive Edition

Mafia – Definitive Edition

Source: 2K Games

The third PC is aimed more at very demanding gamers who might also want to play 4K – our graphics card recommendations apply with reservation for the two expensive and especially for the 1,800 euro PC, as the Nvidia market will soon be in the Price range from around 500 euros could be mixed up – keyword amps and RTX 3000 series. But more on that later – we first come to six game highlights that await you this year.

Three game highlights in September and October 2020

We have selected a total of six games that we and certainly many gamers expect with special attention by the end of the year. We have sorted the games according to their planned release date, which can of course still change at short notice. We're starting with three games that should be released by the end of October, i.e. within the next eight weeks.

25th of September – Mafia Definitive Edition. The remake of the action game published in 2002 not only offers an improved look. Like our editor Matthias Dammes noticed when playing a preliminary version, there are also some playful modernizations. So it's all the more fun to play the mafia story from the late 1930s again, but in a more modern form, or as a newcomer for the first time and without looking back at the original version, although there is also some staging outside of gaming the story has been changed and a comparison to Mafia (2002) can be quite interesting.

Watch Dogs - Legion

Watch Dogs – Legion

Source: Ubisoft

October 2nd – Star Wars Squadrons. Although EA is behind the space action as a publisher and has a bad reputation among many for prices and monetization, the game should only cost 40 euros for the release, which we also have have already reported in advance. In addition to a multiplayer mode, it also offers a solo campaign – microtransactions are not planned for the game. The Star Wars Squadrons system requirements read moderately – our cheapest PC, which will follow later, already meets the recommended data for VR, at least for the graphics card, with the 1200 euro PC only 4K should be problematic.

October 29 – Watch Dogs Legion. The setting is the city of London in the near future, which is in danger of falling apart. Your task is to build up a resistance cell that can consist of completely different characters. Whether pure violence, hacking or even good relationships with the right people: there should often be several solutions for the tasks. The game is played, as one is used to from the two predecessors, in the open world style, whereby naturally there are many buildings, streets, alleys and more, including a busy city with many passers-by. A precise assessment of the performance requirements is difficult, and there are still no official system requirements. For full graphics fun, we recommend the mid-range PC – if Nvidia goes, then it should one of the new RTX 3000 bolides to use the ray tracing features of Watch Dogs Legion.

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