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Supposed details of the upcoming Harry Potter RPG have surfaced on the Internet. Not only the name, but also numerous areas of the title are presented. There is still no confirmation of the leak. The story of the project is said to be based on the events of the books.

Even if the development of an RPG in the Harry Potter universe has already been confirmed by Warner, there is still no detailed information about the project. Now is up Reddit allegedly a new leak has appeared that reveals tons of details from the RPG. However, this is so far unconfirmed information, which is why you should first enjoy it with some caution.

The Leaker is said to be a marketing employee at Warner. The Harry Potter RPG is expected to be unveiled in the near future along with other titles. The game itself is said to be called "Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy". The players will slip into the role of a student and experience the complete magician training up to the end. Before the start, fans can customize their character according to their own wishes and many different options.

The history of the project is based on the events of the books. Players will not encounter too many familiar faces. According to the leak, there will still be some cameo appearances. The game world has been divided into several areas, which include quests, NPCs and more. Hogwarts, Hogsmead and The Ministry are given here as examples. Typically for an RPG there will of course also be a skill tree. Details of the combat system are also mentioned in the leak.

It is said to be a fluid combat system that will have a strong focus on tactics and energy management. In the duels, players will encounter known creatures and other magicians. Another highlight of the title will be your rival, whom you can defeat, kill or make your friend depending on your decisions in the game. As a bonus, there will also be Quidditch and an in-game card game that is comparable to Gwent from The Witcher 3.

Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy is set to be unveiled before August 2020. The release is scheduled for June 2021. In October 2018, a gameplay excerpt from a Harry Potter RPG was leaked on the Internet.

Source: Reddit

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