Harry Potter RPG: Project "definitely in development"

from Dominik Zwingmann
The development of the Harry Potter RPG was more or less confirmed today. The title is said to be under development at Avalanche Software and is also slated to appear on the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. The current headlines about J.K. Rowling reportedly employ the team. The unveiling is said to come sometime after the DC FanDome.

For the first time there is some more or less tangible information about the supposedly upcoming Harry Potter RPG. According to a recent report by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, the project is currently under development at Avalanche Software in Utah. The role-playing game is currently scheduled to be released in 2021. The title should also appear for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X among others. As part of the digital event DC FanDome, however, according to Schreier, there will be no unveiling. Batman should be the focus here.

The criticism around J.K. Rowling did not leave the developers of the game without a trace, according to the report. The author of the book template has made headlines in the past few days with questionable transgender statements. According to the article, Rowling has little influence on the development of the title. Still, some Avalanche Software employees are concerned about the consequences of the game's announcement. Existing plans for the unveiling of the Harry Potter RPG were made before the author's statements. It is still unclear whether there will be any changes.

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The game itself is said to be an open world title that not only allows you to explore Hogwarts, but also surrounding areas. Rumors about the game's history did not appear until early June. Avalanche Software was most recently responsible for Disney Infinity and Cars 3: Driven to Win. Incidentally, the team has nothing to do with the Avalanche Studios, which are known for Just Cause. We will keep you up to date with further information on role-playing.

Source: Bloomberg

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