Should there ever be a reboot of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe already knows which characters he would like to play. In his appearance in Happy Sad Confused-Podcast Radcliffe explained that he wouldn’t slip into the role of Harry Potter again, but rather that of Sirius Black or Remus Lupine.

“These were always the characters that I thought, ‘Wow, they are great.’ I am obviously biased by my experiences filming these scenes with these people, and these are some of my fondest memories. “

Originally played by David Thewlis and Gary Oldman, these characters played a kind of mentoring role for the young Harry Potter during his time at Hogwarts. Lupine was one of his teachers and Sirius was his godfather. So it’s not particularly surprising that Radcliffe would want to play these very characters should the series ever reboot.

However, many Harry Potter fans are rather critical of a reboot. Ginny Weasley’s actress Bonnie Wright also wants them Leaving films exactly as they are now. For them they are like a kind of time capsule and when you open them everything feels a little different.

However, the Harry Potter actor believes that a reboot of the series is inevitable. Many old films, games, and series have now been remake or rebooted. A series as popular and successful as Harry Potter will probably follow sooner or later:

“I’m sure there will be another version of it. I know I won’t be the last Harry Potter I see in my life.”

The actor also thinks a spin-off as a TV series is likely:

“There are sure to be some stories that could absolutely be turned into a TV series, 100 percent. A series with the older generation, for example, could be really cool.”

So far, in terms of Harry Potter for the future, that’s all Open world game planned, but there is always again Speculation about a Harry Potter show or something like that. Only the future will tell whether we will get more stories for the big screen.

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