About a month ago it was announced that the Horde had filled the 100 places in the Hall of Fame for the mythical Castle of Nathria, while the Alliance had occupied just 15 places at the time. Again the faction imbalance in the mythical raid scene came up and people wondered whether the alliance would get the hall of fame full in time for the next raid tier.

But this topic has now been dealt with, the alliance has meanwhile also filled the hall of fame – and that a good four weeks after the Horde, which is completely within the framework. At first glance, one has thought in vain about the factional imbalance in the highest level of difficulty. Well, maybe there is something wrong with the rapid filling of the hall of fame on the part of Allianz.

WoW: Strange logs - has China boosted the alliance into the hall of fame? (1)

WoW: Strange logs – has China boosted the alliance into the hall of fame? (1)

Source: worldofwarcraft.com

If you take a look at the last 19 places, 14 of them are from China. At first this is not unusual wowhead.com however has done quite a bit of detective work and it is very noticeable that all of a sudden players are receiving the achievements for the last mythical bosses who have never stepped into the mythical mode of Castle Nathria before. The number of kills per day is also noticeable. Previously, around 3-4 Alliance guilds made it into the Hall of Fame per day, on March 1st, 21, for example, there were a total of twelve guilds – nine of them from Chinese realms. Apparently characters were transferred here in order to get the server first kill on other servers.

Whoever wants can Thread on wowhead.com look, most of the evidence (logs) have now been deleted by the Chinese guilds. A log that can still be viewed is that of Q728. Here you can see that this guild up to 17 (!) kills per day between Schrillschwinge and Count Denathrius, always with different characters, but the group compositions are so extremely identical that it can hardly be a coincidence.

WoW: Strange logs - has China boosted the alliance into the hall of fame? (2)

WoW: Strange logs – has China boosted the alliance into the hall of fame? (2)

Source: wowhead.com

If you look at some of the characters and their logs you will see that some of them have never set foot in Castle Nathria before and suddenly oneshott the most difficult bosses in the mythical mode. A guild logs several kills on different servers with isolated characters who have never seen the mythical mode from the inside: Another indication that this could be boosting.

Another indication that the Chinese guilds (or maybe just a single guild) has boosted the Alliance into the Hall of Fame are the many server transfers of the said characters. Shortly after the victories over Count Denathrius, the same characters have already been transferred away from the server. Unfortunately the logs for this have already been deleted.

If you take a look at the comments on wowhead.com, it seems to have been common practice for several expansions on Chinese servers that pro guilds are helping the other Chinese guilds to fill the hall of fame for the alliance faster. Account sharing is also carried out by the Chinese operator of WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) not seen as closely as in the rest of the world.

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