Who mean Article for the first anniversary of WoW Classic who already knows: I had a hell of a lot of fun with the new vanilla edition. And that despite the moderately exciting level phase, the various wrong decisions by Blizzard, the raid bosses that were far too simple for a long time or the various quirks that Vanilla WoW simply has.

All of that hardly mattered to me. On the one hand, certainly because I was not directly affected by some wrong Blizzard decisions on my PvE server Razorfen, for example, regarding Open PvP and server transfer options. On the other hand, WoW Classic also has clear strengths for me that I miss in all other modern MMORPGs on the market. First and foremost, the great focus on togetherness, which is promoted by local language servers and the various content such as dungeons, raids or elite areas in the open world, but also by the renouncement of an automatic group search.

In my opinion, a big plus of Classic is the character progression. Even in the level phase, you constantly earn small and large upgrades, from access to the first mount to talent points to new skills or ranks for already known spells. In the endgame you have clear goals for your own equipment in mind, and when you have finally earned them, the joy is great. Time and again there were some of the best possible options only through the professions, and the manufacturing trades are also extremely important.

Karsten's villain in WoW Classic: Phase 1 vs Phase 6


So you could say that Classic made it clear to me once again why I was so fascinated by the genre of online role-playing games 15 years ago, and why many modern representatives who all too often like a story-RPG with co-op options or feel a generic sandbox filled with boring PvP content, this fascination is missing.

Classic also gave me the opportunity to experience Vanilla WoW again differently than I had experienced the game 15 years ago. At an earlier content point, with a different focus. I caught up on content that I missed at the time, such as the Tier 0.5 quest series. I laid bosses that my guild couldn't lay back then. And I've earned equipment that I could only dream of back then. In short: The Classic adventure was definitely worth it for me, and now I'm looking forward to the classic version of The Burning Crusade like a little kid. Outland also has some gaps to fill in, some memories to refresh, and the potential for months of great fun.

Now it is time for your conclusion: Was the provision of the new vanilla edition worth it for you? How much fun did you have with the nostalgia trip back to the beginnings of World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99 ). Let us know in the comments!

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