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from Susanne Braun
With the change of month on November 1, 2020, some films will be removed from the Netflix program because the license agreements are expiring. So if you want to watch Braveheart, The Untouchables or Constantine on Netflix, you should hurry up!

At the turn of the month, those responsible at Netflix like to announce which series and films will be included in the streaming provider's program. It is far less common to communicate which films or series have to be withdrawn from the program due to expiring license agreements – and most viewers might not even notice it. Because the range of Netflix is ​​now enormous.

With the change on November 1, 2020, some films will be dropped that are qualitatively impressive or have achieved a certain cult status. This includes, for example, the film Braveheart with Mel Gibson, which undoubtedly has its fans. Or The Untouchables from the late 1980s with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Robert De Niro. How about some scary action with the comic book adaptation Constantine starring Keanu Reeves? Buck? Then you should hurry, because as mentioned these three films can only be found on Netflix up to and including October 31, 2020. The same applies to The Woman in Black, My Name is Khan, Ricky Bobby – King of Racing Drivers, Notorious B.I.G. and doctor games (via Film starts).

Netflix in November 2020 – the new program trailer

By the way, we (the author of these lines) are still mourning the fact that Christoper Nolan's Inception had to be thrown out of the Netflix program after what felt like an eternity. And supernatural. And hope that this fate will not overtake the falling asleep tale The Dark Knight very soon. If you want to know which films and series are new to Netflix in November 2020, take a look at our overview.

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