The new expansion Academy Scholomance has just started and Hearthstone players can throw themselves into a new metagame. The experimentation phase is particularly exciting because the metagame has not yet solidified and you always come across surprises. In addition to a lot of ramp and mana cheat cards (generate more mana than usual), Akademie Scholomance provides some new aggro decks, but control decks also turn out to be extremely powerful. The druid in particular is doing very well at the start of the new expansion. Below you can see 20 cool and above all strong decks from YouTuber Funki Monki.

Hearthstone: Academy Scholomance – 20 new decks with deck codes

To add the deck to your game, simply copy the entire block of text and create a deck. The game then asks you if you want to insert the cards and creates the deck automatically.

AAECAea5AwaLugPDvAPaxgPVyAPezgPj1AMM17sD4LwD98gD + cgD / sgD8skDm80D4c4D + 84DgtADxtED + dUDAA ==

AAECAea5AwrtBfyjA5GxA4e6A + m + A4TDA / fDA9TIA / zIA8 / SAwrXuwOcvAPgvAPHxgPVyAPRzQPM0gPN0gPd0wP31QMA

Beast ramp
AAECAZICBkDbpQOEtgOuugP1zgPB0AMM / gHvogPougPsugPuugOSzQObzgO60AO80AOT0QPe0QPw1AMA

Token (aggro)
AAECAZICBLEIx50D9c4D0dEDDf0C9wPmBcOUA86UA / + tA + O + A9zMA / nMA5vOA8bRA7nSA / DUAwA =

Death Rattle Wildlife
AAECAR8E2wmDuQPUugOK0gMNqAK9pgOOrQP8rwPOuAOkuQP2ugP5ugP / ugOeywOSzQO0zgPhzgMA

Face is the place (Aggro …)
AAECAR8GxwPtBpcI2wmHsAP / ugMMqALJBP4M86cD + 68D / K8DhbADorkDm80D + 84DgtADxtEDAA ==

Duel deck

AAECAZ8FBq8HlJoD / LgD7b4Dw9ED0dEDDIwBngHIBL6YA46aA422A / u4A8rBA9zMA57NA8bRA8rRAwA =

AAECAa0GBpcC1grXvgPA0QPD0QOj1QMM + ALlBMidA5a6A5u6A6 + 6A7C6A + m6A + O + A7TRA7vRA6TVAwA =

Death rattle
AAECAa0GCu + SA7alA4WtA9S6A86 + A8jAA8DRA8PRA + fRA4rSAwqtpQO9pgOWugObugOvugPjvgOnywPXzgO00QO70QMA

Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy – Trailer shows what's new

Stealth (aggro)
AAECAaIHCIwCzQPdCNK5A9m + A + 2 + A6rLA6vSAwu0AYgH4gf / pQP5rgObtgO5uAO6uAPPuQPG0QOK1AMA

Weapons (Tempo Deck)

AAECAaoIBPAH3r4D4MwD0dEDDYEEvgaTCZ2jA9qlA / mlA7WtA5a5A + HMA5vNA6bRA7fSA / DUAwA =

Burn (spell damage)
AAECAaoIBu0FywfkuAPgzAOczgPQzgMM + QPgBsGYA66bA6ytA9u4A5i5A6bLA + HMA83OA87OA7jRAwA =

Pain Deck (Tempo)
AAECAaoIBu0FywfkuAPgzAOczgPQzgMM + QPgBsGYA66bA6ytA9u4A5i5A6bLA + HMA83OA87OA7jRAwA =

Darkest hour deck
AAECAf0GBLYHj84D9M4Dz9IDDdsGq5ED / pUD66wD7KwDl60Dv7kDxLkD87sDvb4DrMsDuM4DzdIDAA ==

Spellpower Deck (Tempo)

AAECAf0EBskDv6QD9KsDjbsDkssD99EDDIoBqwS0BMsE5gTtBJYFn5sD / 50D + MwDhc0D5dEDAA ==

AAECAQcIkAPIA9QI0qUD3r4D7b4Di9ADqtIDCxYc9agD3KkD3a0D + a4DwLkD1r4D174D48wD99QDAA ==

Big / recruiting deck

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