Hearthstone: Balance changes for battlefield mode

from Sebastian Glanzer
As previously announced, Update 15.6.2 of Hearthstone brings with it some much-needed bug fixes designed primarily to fix crashes on mobile devices. Shortly before the start of the Open Beta battlefield mode, the developers have also made some adjustments to heroes and servants.

In addition to fixing some critical flaws on mobile devices brings Update 15.6.2 from Hearthstone also some balance changes for the battlefield mode, which starts today in the Open Beta. First and foremost, the heroes or their abilities were adjusted again. If you want to know which hero is the best right now, take a look at our heroes' battlefield animal list.

Battlefield balance adjustments

mother bear
Before: 5/5, grants summoned wildlife + 5 / + 5
After the update: 4/4, granted summoned wild animals + 4 / + 4

Kangor's apprentice
Was a 4/8 servant, changed to 3/6

heroes skills
Toki the infinite

  • Mana cost of Temporal Inn from (1) to (2) Mana increases and now does the following: "Update Bob's Inn. Obtain a Servant of a Higher Inn Level on the Hand."

King Mukla

  • Hero Ability changed to "Get a banana on your hand each time you buy a wild animal."

Hero Ability Bloodthorn (gives your demons + 1 / + 1 of (3) reduced (2) mana.

New servants and heroes!

The developers are positively surprised with the feedback on the battlefield mode. Over the next few months, new updates and new heroes and servants will find their way into the game. But much more can not be said at this time.


The team is aware that there is currently not much information available about their games played. With the next update, some more information will be added, for example, your five best heroes with the highest rate of victory.

Update for Placement View

The developers want to give the player more information about their current opponent, so they can make tactically better decisions. For example, on the left edge of the board, with the next update, you'll get more information about your opponent's servant types.

Selling servants

This mechanism should also be adapted. In the future, you will have the opportunity to sell servants by the hand. These and other changes will probably await us at the beginning of the year.

Game fixes and improvements

  • Muting a player should now work correctly and no longer crash.
  • Daily quests can now be re-diced.
  • The daily quests for the Arena Hallow's Nights can now be completed.
  • A variety of crashes on Android devices has been fixed.
  • Memory optimization for devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

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