With Balance Update 16.0.8 for Hearthstone developers make some changes to the default metagame and arena, and shake up battlefield mode again. For the battlefield mode, the development team also noted that in addition to the current adjustments, we will soon find new interesting content for the Hearthstone car driver (buy now for € 22.00) expect.

Devilish ritual now costs 4 mana (was 3 mana)

Herald of Desolation now costs 4 mana (was 3 mana)
Ankarr now costs 2 mana (was 3 mana)

Dragon Pack now reads "… if you have authorized Galakrond twice, give them + 2 / + 2 (reduced from + 3 / + 3)
Frost Swear now costs 2 mana (was 1 mana)

Necrium Pharmacist now costs 5 mana (was 4 mana)

Dragon Queen Alexstrasza: The Battle Cry effect can no longer create Dragon Queen Alexstrasza.

* Once this change is live, you will get the full dust cost back for disenchanting the affected cards for the next two weeks.

In addition to the following changes, further updates are planned for the battlefield mode and the developers have more content in the back that they will tell us soon.


Haunted Bane: Hero ability cost reduced to 1 mana.

Queen Waggle
Hero ability now gives 2 random attack instead of +1 life to a random friendly demon, mech, murloc or beast.

Toki the Infinite
Hero ability reduced to 1 mana. Hero ability now reads "Renew Bob's Tavern and add a higher level innkeeper to the selection"

Patches of the pirate
Patches is back in the hero pool. His hero ability now deals 2 random enemies instead of 3 to 4 random enemies at the start of the attack phase.

Also returns to the hero selection. His hero ability now gives a random servant friend 3 health points instead of 2.


Golden Soul Juggler now deals 6 damage twice instead of 6 minions.

Bug fixes and improvements


The selfless heroine’s god’s shield, which is triggered by her death rattling effect, is now only cast on servants who do not yet have a god’s shield on them.


The card selection has been adjusted so that the class balance gets even closer to the ideal 50 percent win rate. The update ensures that, above all, the profit rate of druids, hunters and paladins is reduced. The winrate for priests, warlocks, shamans and villains should increase. The card selection for warriors and magicians remains unchanged.

Hearthstone: mother hazel bark – new druid heroine in the trailer

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