You may also know that: In battlefield mode it doesn’t want to go that way again. Lousy selection of heroes, no token at the start and even on turns 8 and 9 you still don’t have a precise plan in which direction your team should develop. Incidentally, your opponents have once again put together the perfect troop with a lot of synergies or – since patch 20.0 through quilboar – a bristle army.

If you simply want to be less frustrated and want to get more top 4 placements, you can simply use the ridicule tactic. Because it is easy to play and can be pulled through in every game and with every hero, regardless of which tribes are banned and which are not.

The Spott-Comp

With this tactic you level up to inn level 4 as normal and try there Champion of Y’shaarj get. This servant gets permanently + 1 / + 1 if one of your mock servants is attacked. In addition to this servant and your mocking minions build this troop Arm of the empire on. This buffs the attack of mock servants by +2 each time they are attacked and ensures that all opposing minions on your mock servants break up in the first rounds.

You need these servants

Hearthstone: Battlefield Guide - If nothing works, use the Taunt Comp (2)

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Battlefield Guide - If nothing works, use the Taunt Comp (3)

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Battlefield Guide - If nothing works, use the Taunt Comp (4)

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Battlefield Guide - If nothing works, use the Taunt Comp (5)

Source: Blizzard

In the first rounds try her on Acolyte of C’thun to get. Do not necessarily prefer him to a token servant on turn, as you can buy two servants instead of just one with the token on turn 3. And who knows, in the end you might not find the perfect servants for the Spott-Comp – you still need a little luck.

In Tier 2 is there with Villain, Tormented ritualist and Molten rock depending on the banned Tribes several interesting servants. The yo-ho ogre has a lot of life points, but dies just as quickly as the other servants in this animal due to its effect.

From Tier 3 there are no good scoffers and you try on Arm of the empire that is in perfect harmony with your acolyte.

As mentioned, you need in Tier 4 absolutely Champion of Y’shaarjso that his values ​​scale up as quickly as possible. Basically you can now stay at this inn level for a while, it is even better to stay on tier 4 for the entire game, as this increases the chance of getting more good servants for your ridicule comp. Optionally, you can mix a Qiaji Herald into your team, but it is not really necessary. On Tier 4 you go – provided Mechs are not banned – in search of Security bot and Nerv-o-Modul.

Hearthstone: Battlefield Guide - If nothing works, use the Taunt Comp (6)

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Battlefield Guide - If nothing works, use the Taunt Comp (7)

Source: Blizzard

You can even play the Nerv-o-Module “naked” without attaching it to a Mech. So you guarantee that it will be hit at least twice and that your champions will be buffed more by Y’shaarj. Otherwise you attach the module to the mech with the highest health points (Mechanoei).

In order for your mock servants to be attacked more often, they must of course get more life points. So, depending on the composition of the team, take one Menageriekrug or in Mechs Iron sensei With.

The endgame

Since this comp will play few opponents, especially after the release of the quilboar, it is not uncommon that you can gild several golden servants such as the acolyte or arm of the empire and your champion. A servant who is therefore very well scaled Goldhorterthat you can mix into your comp later.

A perfect board for the Taunt-Comp look like this
(arranged from left to right)

Selfless heroine (golden) – Mech / Amalgadon with mockery and god shield – Mech / Amalgadon with mockery and god shield – Gold hoarder / servant with mockery and god shield – Champion of Y’shaarjChampion of Y’shaarj.

At some point, the effect of Arm of the Empire doesn’t help you that much anymore, you will notice that for yourself when the values ​​of your opponents exceed the 20 life point mark. If the game is over quickly, you can of course keep the golden version in the team.

Instead, you mainly set up in a Murloc lobby Selfless heroine, as your champions and gold hoarders – who carry your entire team – are vulnerable to poisonous. If the values ​​of your champions have risen extremely, so that they no longer necessarily have to be buffed, you can also go looking for servants with Toxic, depending on the remaining opponents.

As mentioned, Mechs with mockery and god shields are the best choice, of course amalgadons are even better, which also have poisonous and can be improved by several menagerie buffs. If you stay at inn level 4 until the end of the game, you can place the remaining slots with generally good servants with Toxic or Cleave. With heroes like Gustav you have the luxury of being able to give God’s shield to any servant and simply join them Defenders of Argus To give ridicule. Other good heroes for the Taunt-Comp are Reno, C’thun, the Lich King, Grauzweig, Kurator, Steppende Steppke and Rakanishu.

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