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In the card chaos Battle of the Exiles you have to put together a deck of four cards yourself. At the beginning of the game, both players remove a card from the opponent's deck. We'll show you some decks with which you can successfully emerge from this chaos of cards and what you have to consider when building the deck.

This week, Hearthstone's card chaos returns (buy now € 0.00 ) the variant "Battle of the Exiles" back. You have to put together a deck of four cards yourself. So your entire deck consists of these four cards. In contrast to the well-known modes two-to-one and three-to-one, you and your opponent have the option to ban a card from the opponent's deck.

This forces you to be a little more creative with deck building than with two wins and three wins. Because if you build your deck around a certain combo, but your opponent bans the most important combo piece, you've basically already lost. However, the opponent does not see all of your cards, only three. In the game it looks like the picture below. A random card will not be displayed. With luck you can push your combo through after all, but you shouldn't risk it.

Hearthstone: Card chaos from 13.5. until 20.5. Battle of the Exiles (1)

Hearthstone: Card chaos from 13.5. until 20.5. Battle of the Exiles (1)

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Below you can see a few decks that should be easy for you to play with. If you are successful, you will receive a classic card pack. If you want to put together a deck yourself, consider that "Battle of the Exiles" is fought in Wild Mode and that some cards such as a block of ice are banned from the start. Also remember to reroll your quest to kill two birds with one stone.

Decks for Battle of the Exiles

(We do without deck codes in a four-card deck …)


Spark storm
Flame fan
Black cat
Arcane projectiles


Brute of the rowdy gang
Vicious cub
Shark tooth
Deadly poison


Demon fire
Bloodthorn Potion
Mistress of pain


Inner fire
Divine will

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