Hearthstone: Changes to evolutionary mechanics

from Paul Herzog
The evolutionary mechanics of Hearthstone have provided many exciting, but not entirely coherent, interactions since its inception. With the current patch 16.0 one of these interactions has been revised. We'll show you how it affects your next Hearthstone game.

The Blizzard Entertainment developers have recently patched Patch 16.0 onto the Hearthstone servers, preparing for the upcoming Heritage of Dragons expansion, which will be released on December 10th. Not only did this extensive patch provide numerous balance changes to the Auto-Battler "Hearthstone: Battleground", it also implemented numerous bug fixes and expanded the arena's card pool. How Hearthpwn however, now reported, also changes were made, which were forgotten in the official patch notes – these concern the evolution mechanics.

Changes to the evolution mechanics

If, over the past few years, you have been using one or the other with, or against, Evolution shaman you have probably already become familiar with this mechanic: as soon as a servant who either 0 or more than 10 mana costs, mutates, this servant does not change. This did not only apply to the servant, but also to all reinforcements.

Hearthstone: Ritualist of Zul'Drak in action!

What changes with this new functionality?

This change affects some situations where certain servants were simply ignored:

  • A "12/12" –frog can now be turned into a new 0-Mana Servant, losing his spell or abatement spells.
  • Giants, like that hill giant, can now simply be re-rolled, heal them (for example, after an attack) to their maximum life, and lose any boost or weakening spells.
  • Shirvallah the tiger can, thanks to the zeal mechanics, attack and heal for 7. However, if Shirvalla is mutated after an attack, you can attack her again – even the Divine Shield is reset. Why? Because evolution no longer ignores such great minions, it simply "re-plays" them.
  • This new functionality also removes effects such as "mocking" from increased 10+ or ​​0 Mana minions.

These cards are affected by the change

What do you think of this change? Write us in the comments!

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