Hearthstone: chaos of cards with old adventures

from Sebastian Glanzer
In Hearthstone card chaos, you may only play cards from certain adventures and expansions this week. Unfortunately for some players, you have to put together a deck of 30 cards, but we already have a deck code ready.

In the treasure chest format of the Hearthstone card chaos, very special rules for deck building always come into force. In "Treasure Chest: Want an Adventure?" Your deck can only consist of cards from adventures and the legacy of the dragon card set. This means that you can only use cards from Naxxramas, The Blackrock, Explorers' League, One Night in Karazhan, Galakrond's Awakening and, as mentioned, Legacy of the Dragons.

One of the strongest decks from this era is the so-called Reno dragon magician, who plays with the original version of Reno Jackson and thus restores your entire life if you don't have a double card in the deck when playing. Here is the deck code:

AAEBAR8e9w3EDtQR1RHoEukSwxbNFvixAqqyArm0AoK1AoqtA5etA7CtA6ivA / yvA / 6vA4WwA4iwA + ewA / ywA / + wA4GxA4OxA4WxA4exA5G

To add the deck to your game, simply double-click the entire block and create a card chaos deck. The game will then automatically ask you whether you want to insert the cards.
FAQ about map chaos

When does the map chaos start?
– Recently every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
When does it end?
-Newly the following Wednesday (6.5.) At 7 p.m.
What are the requirements?
– A class at level 20.
What's a reward?
– Once a classic card pack, if you win once.
And what does the fun cost?
– Nothing. The card chaos costs you neither gold nor real money.
How does the card chaos work this week?
– You have to put together a deck yourself and only use cards from adventures and legacies of the dragons.

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