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In the map chaos of Hearthstone, you can play with your friends in co-op mode this week and try to defeat sprocket master Mechazod. We show you what nasty skills the Mech-NPC has and how you can defeat it the fastest.

Unlike the usual card chaos games, you play in Hearthstone this week in co-op mode. Your goal is to bring Ritzelmeister Mechazod's life points to zero. Similar to Nefarian in the co-op map chaos Nefarian's return, the 'Mech changes sides of the field every round. Unlike Nefarian, he does not start with the values ​​0/200, but with only 95 life points and 2 attacks. Just like the dragon, he has some nasty attacks up his sleeve that he's trying to breathe life out of. Remember: if one of the two players is defeated, both lose.

Sprocket Master Skills: Overclocking (Receives +2 attack). Overclocking is the ticking time bomb, because the NPC's points of attack scale with other abilities like Bomb salvothat damage three random targets (including heroes). Therefore, it makes sense not to let a few weak servants attack so that they can intercept the damage. His third ability is set priorities, with which he occasionally destroys the servants with the highest life points. At some point you should also use your good servants against sprocket master Mechazod. With Double flash it deals direct damage to both heroes. You have to heal at the latest if you have less life points than the pinion master's attack points.

You play with pre-built decks as either a druid or a magician. Recently you can challenge your friends to the chaos of cards and play with them. Otherwise you will be paired with a random player. The goal is to quickly give each other mana with cards like Arkangolem and draw cards with deep oracle. The game is mostly won with skillful use of Void Finder Cho or Aviana. By the way, Cho only remains active for one train until Ritzelmeister Mechazod joins in Kill the Void Finder riveted. Mages have the secret reflection in the deck. If the druid manages to copy Aviana for you (and you have the right servants on it), the game is mostly decided in your favor. Otherwise make sure to use healing spells skillfully and if possible build a suitable board for roaring wild animals as a druid. Sprocket master Mechazod has no special phases in addition to his skills that you have to watch out for, so just hit his life points.

FAQ about map chaos

When does the map chaos start?
– Every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
When does it end?
-Newly on the following Wednesday (March 25th) at 7 p.m.
What are the requirements?
– A class at level 20.
What's a reward?
– Once a classic card pack, if you win once.
And what does the fun cost?
– Nothing. The card chaos costs you neither gold nor real money.
How does the card chaos work this week?
– You play in co-op mode with pre-built decks against a particularly strong NPC.

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