Hearthstone: Darkmoon Madness – Developer Interview

In the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, the old gods are returning … and they want cotton candy. Hearthstone players head to the Darkmoon Faire in Darkmoon Madness! As WoW players should already know, the Darkmoon Fair is a place where you can have a lot of fun, but it is obvious that dark forces are at work here too.

The Darkmoon Madness brings back C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y'Shaarj and N'Zoth in a new form and has plenty of iconic NPCs from the gloomy World of Warcraft fair. In keeping with the Old Gods, the new keyword corruption is introduced. Corrupted cards are upgraded in the player's hand after playing a card with a higher mana cost. In addition, every old god has an artifact with special skills in their luggage. In an interview with John McIntyre (Hearthstone Lead Game Designer for Darkmoon Madness) and Pat Nagle (Hearthstone Lead Game Designer for Duels) we had the chance to talk about the mechanics, cards and the expansion topic itself before the release. In the foreground of the interview was the expansion Darkmoon Madness, information about duels can be found under this link.

buffed: A Darkmoon Faire Expansion sounds like a lot of fun for both players and the Hearthstone design team (buy now € 0.00 ). I suppose we'll see a lot of cards that are all about cotton candy, toys, rides and roller coasters?

John McIntyre: Yeah, the design team definitely tried a lot to capture the mood of a fairground. The cool thing about the new expansion is the doom mechanic. We went to the Darkmoon Fair and saw how we put its own wicked twist on each card.

buffed: Will the infamous Darkmoon Rabbit be one of the upcoming cards?

John McIntyre: Yes, in our first card set, which we did on October 22nd. publish, the Darkmoon Rabbit will be one of them. The Darkmoon Rabbit is a 10 mana 1/1 servant, but it has Zeal, Poisonous, and a cleavage ability.

Hearthstone: developer interview on the new Darkmoon Madness expansion (2)

Hearthstone: developer interview on the new Darkmoon Madness expansion (2)

Source: Blizzard

buffed: With the new Doom mechanic, I can upgrade cards in my hand when I play a card with a higher mana cost, right?

John McIntyre: Yes, it is a one-time transformation of the map (the map also changes its appearance). We like to use the Fleethoof Pearltusk card as an example because the effect is easy to describe. When the doom mechanic of this 5 mana 4/4, Zeal Servant is triggered, it gets + 4 / + 4.

Hearthstone: Developer Interview on New Darkmoon Madness Expansion (3)

Hearthstone: Developer Interview on New Darkmoon Madness Expansion (3)

Source: Blizzard

buffed: And every doom card can be transformed once, or are there cards whose doom effect can be triggered more often?

John McIntyre: We've experimented with it a bit, but for now, each card can only trigger its doom effect once.

buffed: The Old Gods bring artifacts with them. I suppose one for every Old God? Can you give an example of the so-called "game changing and unpredictable" effects?

John McIntyre: Unfortunately, we can't show any of the artifacts to the public at this point, but yes, each Old God is assigned an artifact that is nostalgic about their ancient abilities.

When designing the new version of the Old Gods, we thought, "I wish I could trigger the card's Old Effect". We looked at Yogg Saron's puzzle box and thought about how we can somehow implement this effect in order to somehow have these special effects back in standard mode. We then solved that with the artifacts.

buffed: And these artifacts are linked to the Old Gods, or are artifacts separate cards?

John McIntyre: The four Old Gods are neutral 10/10 legendary servants that everyone has access to. However, the artifacts are class spells, so one of these artifacts is only available to certain classes.

buffed: Will a deck archetype similar to Galakrond be built around the old gods cards?

John McIntyre: Yeah, let me explain, since you haven't seen the cards yet: each Old God has some sort of deck archetype of his own. For example, N'Zoth revives a servant of any type who died in that game. So one of your murlocs, pirates and so on will be revived, which will encourage players to design menagerie decks.

Hearthstone: Developer interview for the new expansion Darkmoon Madness (4) "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/380x214/2020/10/Hearthstone-Dunkelmond-Wahnsinn-Y-shaarj-der-Entweiher- 1-buffed.png

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Developer interview for the new expansion Darkmoon Madness (5) "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/380x214/2020/10/Hearthstone-Dunkelmond-Wahnsinn-Schicksalsherr-Yogg-Saron-1- buffed.png

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Developer interview on the new expansion Darkmoon Madness (6) "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/380x214/2020/10/Hearthstone-Dunkelmond-Wahnsinn-N-Zoth-Gott-der- Depth-1-buffed.png

Source: Blizzard

Hearthstone: Developer interview on the new expansion Darkmoon Madness (7) "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/380x214/2020/10/Hearthstone-Dunkelmond-Wahnsinn-C-thun-der-Zerschlagene- 1-buffed.png

Source: Blizzard

So with four old gods we have four deck archetypes for different players. At the beginning of the game, for example, C'thun splits into four parts, each part being a random spell. When you have played these four spells and played C'thun, C'thun sits down again and inflicts a total of 30 damage points on opponents, which is split between random opponents.

So this mechanic is more for fans of a combo deck, while N'Zoth is more geared towards midrange control players.

buffed: Will we see the Darkmoon Deathmatch Arena? Maybe as card chaos?

John McIntyre: Yeah, the Deathmatch will definitely be on the set. It won't be a new game mode or map chaos, at least for now. Pat (Pat Nagle), do you have any information that I may not have yet?

Pat Nagle: Well, we haven't planned a mode like this at the moment, but you should never say never.

buffed: Will the Darkmoon Madness bring new heroes to Battlefield Mode?

John McIntyre: Mhh, good question. Yes … but not many.

buffed: When I think of a new mechanic for a Darkmoon Faire expansion, something about the game chips or prize tokens immediately comes to mind. Are we going to see this Darkmoon Faire resource in any way?

John McIntyre: At the beginning of the set we experimented a lot with different mechanics, for example with tickets, whereby tickets go to the hand or activate a kind of shop. We also tried a lot with mounts and rides, but in the end we ended up with the doom mechanic and tried to capture as much of the Darkmoon Fair as possible in individual cards instead of multiple mechanics such as tickets or the like. to introduce.

buffed: The last update for the Darkmoon Faire in WoW brought the Mechagnome with it. Will the Darkmoon Madness introduce the Mechagnomes to the Hearthstone cart?

John McIntyre: While we always try to put different characters in the spotlight in a set, mechagnomes are not one of them this time. We have wind-up gnomes, but mechagnomes are not in the set.

buffed: When looking at the first 14 cards, I noticed one in particular – Yogg Saron, Master of Fate (battle cry: If you have cast this game 10 spells, you spin Yogg Saron's wheel). What's up with its effect?

Hearthstone: developer interview on the new Darkmoon Madness expansion (5)

Hearthstone: developer interview on the new Darkmoon Madness expansion (5)

Source: Blizzard

John McIntyre: When the effect is triggered, a kind of wheel of fortune appears on the playing field, which you have to activate with one click. Just like a wheel of fortune, it starts to spin and with another click it slows down and lands on a certain field. Depending on which icon the arrow of the wheel lands on, a different effect is triggered.

One of these effects can be: Fill your hand with random spells, they cost (0) mana this turn. Other effects are "destroy all servants and keep their stats." or "Steal three servants from the enemy." There are a total of six different options on the bike, and one of them is significantly narrower than the others – so a much lower chance of being triggered. If the wheel of fortune stops at this point, pyrostrikes are cast on random targets until a player dies.

buffed: Many Thanks.

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