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When the situation is desperate, you try to make the best of it. The Hearthstone community also thought so and shows the developers with their own creative card creations how to make the demon hunter even stronger so that he dominates the metagame again much more blatantly.

Even after two slowdowns, the new class of demon hunters in Hearthstone is still a little too strong in the standard metagame. A good three weeks have passed since the release of the new expansion Ruins of Outland, as the numbers from prove, the demon hunter is played more often in the standard metagame than warriors, warlocks, paladins and druids together and still has the highest victory rate of all classes with almost 54%.

Hearthstone: demon hunter still surgery - community takes it with humor (14)

Hearthstone: demon hunter still surgery – community takes it with humor (14)


After a metagame dominated by demon hunters for weeks, it takes the Hearthstone (buy now for € 0.00) Community meanwhile with humor and has chosen the new class as the number 1 main goal for memes. To bring the demon hunter back to its old strength, the players on reddit have some new card suggestions for the developers that could help the poor demon hunter.

How about, for example, a Flame Imp who deals 3 damage to the opponent instead of you, a Millhaus Mana Tower that makes your spells free of charge, a weapon that loses no durability or the new edition of Succubus that cards your opponents its Hand thrown off? These and other crazy creations for upcoming demon hunter cards are just the beginning. You can see the funniest and most creative creations in the gallery below.

Hearthstone: demon hunter still surgery – community takes it with humor (1) (Source: brumomentium1)

If you were a Hearthstone designer for a moment, what cards would you give the demon hunter to make him overpowered again? Write to us in the comments. We are excited.

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