Hearthstone: Demon Hunter Prologue now playable

from Sebastian Glanzer
Starting today (April 3rd, 2020) you can play the new Hearthstone solo adventure "Demon Hunter Prologue". If you are successful, you unlock the new class Demon Hunter and you will immediately receive some Demon Hunter cards including a starter deck, which you can use from 7.4. get started in play mode.

Before the Hearthstone expansion Ruins of Outland appears on April 7, you already have the opportunity to unlock the new class Demon Hunter for free. To do this, simply start the demon hunter prologue in solo adventure mode. In this solo adventure you will learn (for WoW players in a simplified form) how Illidan has become a demon hunter – from his point of view.

Because Illidan was of course not born a demon hunter, but was initially a magician. Therefore, in the first boss encounter you also start as a magician against the demon Azzinoth. If you always take out his demons, you shouldn't have any problems. The second task is also not particularly difficult. Here you have to feed the demonic portal against Xavius ​​with 30 servants for the game to end. During the fight, servants are constantly summoned on both sides and sometimes switch sides. Just have a spell or two ready for tricky situations.

Hearthstone: Get the new class for free in the demon hunter prologue (1) (Source: buffed)

The third boss is Mannoroth, it gets a little trickier here because he starts with two mana crystals. Fortunately, your brother Malfurion helps you out with Treants for the first few moves. Now you are playing as a demon hunter with the new demon hunter cards. For turn 8 or when Mannoroth reaches 8 mana, you must have a spell ready, as it then summons Queen Azshara and four other servants. Once you have defeated Mannoroth, you only have to face the demigod Cenarius.

This has the typical druid cards and is also not a fruit. Should you fail, you can simply restart the encounter. If you win, you unlock the demon hunter as a new class, as mentioned, and in addition to the standard cards of the demon hunter you will also receive a pre-made deck with which you can use it from 7.4. get started in game mode.

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