Darkmoon Madness is the brand new expansion for Blizzard's trading card game Hearthstone, which will be unleashed on the loyal community on November 17, 2020. One of the highlights of this expansion is the return of a species of very specific (and in the past, Hearthstone beloved) individuals: The Old Gods C'Thun, N'Zoth, Yogg-Saron and Y'Shaarj are back!

The gods, who are well known for their devastating random effects, are accompanied by the new keyword spoilage and by far-reaching system overhauls of Hearthstone (buy now € 0.00 ). With the new Duels game mode, there is a mix of arena and treasure-hunt adventure gameplay, and the progression system of the free-to-play trading card game from Blizzard is significantly more extensive – and more rewarding.

The Darkmoon Madness brings 135 new cards and here is the card we are proud to present to you today: the stilt. Before we go into details, admire the map in all its glory.

Hearthstone: Darkmoon Madness - the stilt walker for demon hunters

Hearthstone: Darkmoon Madness – the stilt walker for demon hunters

Source: Blizzard

As you can already see from the color of the card, it is used exclusively by demon hunter heroes. And they are known for their responsiveness and aggressive style of play. The stilt walker also supports this style of play. For only three mana points you play a servant with the values ​​4/1. But the servant itself is only a decorative accessory, because the battle cry makes the epic servant really powerful. You draw a card and give your hero +4 attack if you play the card on the same turn as the stilt walker.

Four points of attack are not to be despised and help to bring the opposing board under control. It is assumed that you draw a card for little mana (in the early game) or one that costs a maximum of seven mana when played (in the late game). As it is in Hearthstone: Each card comes with a sunny side and a dark side.

Hearthstone: The Darkmoon Madness announcement trailer

Hearthstone: The Darkmoon Madness

New keyword spoilage: Darkmoon Madness introduces a new keyword: doom! Cards with this keyword are upgraded in your hand after you play a card with a higher mana cost. Plan ahead and upgrade your corrupted cards to make them really worth playing!

New game mode duels: Duels is a brand new and totally free game mode that combines the PvP competitions from Arena mode with the unpredictable and sprawling deck building experience of the game's most popular solo adventures. Just like in the arena, players will compete against other human opponents, trying to get 12 wins before their third loss. But in duel mode they start with a deck that they have put together from their own collection and receive additional cards or game-winning treasures after each match. Players can also try their hand at Heroic Dueling Mode to earn rewards such as gold, cards, card packs, and arcane dust. To gain access to the Heroic Duel Mode, you either have to spend 150 gold or purchase an inn access for 1.99 EUR. The better players complete their Duel Round, the greater the rewards.

Hearthstone Darkmoon Madness – All new cards (26/134) (1) (Source: Blizzard)

New progress system: Hearthstone will receive the largest system update to date on November 12th, with a completely redesigned progression system. Players will then receive rewards on a regular basis, regardless of whether they are complete beginners, regular deck builders or committed card artists.

  • The new achievement system keeps track of stats and achievements of players. With every expansion and all future game modes or major updates, new achievements are added.
  • The reward path allows players to receive gold, card packs, cosmetic items and more. Players with an Inn Pass receive bonus rewards. With each expansion there will be a new reward path. Players progress through its 50 levels by collecting experience points through quests, achievements and simple play.
  • With the revamped quest system, there will be strong and profitable weekly quests in addition to the regular daily quests and legendary quests at special events for new expansions and content updates.
  • On the new profile page, players can track their progress in all of these systems. Here are the general statistics of the player accounts, such as ranks, ratings and wins.

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Hearthstone Darkmoon Madness – All new cards (26/134)

On November 17th, the new Hearthstone expansion Darkmoon Madness will be released, of which 26 of the 134 cards are already known.

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