Hearthstone: Dragon Legacy – All New Cards (37/140)

from Sebastian Glanzer
The release phase of the upcoming Hearthstone Dragon Heritage extension has begun. Until the launch on December 10, new minions and spells are revealed almost daily. In this article, we keep you up to date on all new maps.

In the ongoing story of the Year of the Dragon, Rafaam and his rogue band Ü.B.E.L. managed to escape from Uldum and travel to Northrend, where they could raise the ancestor of all dragons – Galakrond. In essence, the upcoming Hearthstone expansion is Heritage of the Dragons (buy now for 22,00 €) just about this super mega-kite. The UB.E.L. classes (Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Priest) receive special Galakrond cards that work with a new mechanic called Empower.

Hearthstone Legacy of the Dragon Galakrond the Damned

Hearthstone Legacy of the Dragon Galakrond the Damned

Source: Blizzard

As you can see here at the Warlock Gala Rond, Galakrond is a Hero card that gives you five armor and a Battlecry effect. Many minion servants and spells provide the Empowering effect. For example, in the case of the Warlock, if we play two Servants with "Empowered Galakrond," we summon two Random Demons instead of one. Similar to C'thun, the Empowering effect is always cast on Galakrond wherever he is (in the hand or in the deck). The non-GM.L. classes receive other strong dragon cards and side quests. These work just like the normal quests, have lower requirements, but are not quite as strong and do not start automatically in your starting hand. Look in the gallery below to see what cards await you in Dragon Legacy.

Legacy of the Dragons – all new cards (37/140)

Hearthstone Legacy of the Dragon Dwarf Sniper (Source: Blizzard)

In advance of Heritage of the Dragon you can get one Standard or mega package to back up

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