Hearthstone will be released on April 7, 2020: Outland Ruins, so it won't be that long before you can explore the vastness of the Outlands with your decks. As part of the card reveals that the makers of Hearthstone are organizing with the media, influencers and streamers, we are able to present you another card today, in which sinister warlock players in particular are likely to lick their lips: the legendary Warlock servant Keli ' Then the destroyer who has the potential to be an effective board clear – but can also be particularly dangerous for your own playing field! First enjoy the hellish splendor of this servant who will make your enemies fear!

Keli'dan the Destroyer - the battle cry makes him a board clear monster for warlocks.

Keli'dan the Destroyer – the battle cry makes him a board clear monster for warlocks.

Source: Blizzard

Keli'dan is the jailer of the monstrous pit lord Magtheridon in the lorry of Warcraft and World of Warcraft, and Keli'dan reaps his sinister demon power to feed the Fel Orcs of Outland. That power can Keli'dan in Hearthstone (buy now for € 0.00) unleash when you put him in your deck. With a score of 3/3 for a proud six mana, Keli'dan seems to be an important man who cannot possibly avoid the dangers that your opponent is facing. But the battle cry effect is what makes this sneaky orc dangerous.

If you play Keli'dan, he can pulverize a really fat servant of the opponent to dust, because the battle cry says "Destroy a Servant". No matter what your opponent opposes you, Keli'dan can be your answer to monsters, warriors and other meanies. But be careful, because as usual in Hearthstone, this servant also comes with a twist, the battle cry does not end with the targeted destruction of a servant whenever you want.

"Instead, destroy all servants except this one if you dragged it this turn." Smells like board clear in this air infested with devil magic. So if you top Keli'dan, a powerful board clear will be at your disposal if your enemy's hordes of opponents put pressure on you … but if you use Keli'dan in this way, the servants in your field must also believe in it , if there are any.

So what do you choose? Do you save Keli'dan for a single threat? Or do you clear the entire board? Keep in mind: Keli'dan is not cheap to play, after all, this move also costs you six mana. He won't help you against early rush decks in the first rounds!

Hearthstone: Cinematic trailer for ruins of Outland

The following is a rough overview of the ruins of Outland:

  • The year of the Phoenix begins on April 7, 2020 with the release of the new expansion Ruins of Outland
  • New hero with a new class: Illidan Stormrage, demon hunter with new keywords, 20 starter cards and 1 mana class skill – free of charge for every player!
  • New servant type: primes that are mixed back into the deck in an improved version after their destruction
  • "Sleeping" demons who are inactive for two rounds and then unleash a powerful effect

You can pre-order ruins of Outland for Hearthstone. For 49.99 euros you get the standard package with 55 card packs, the snake card back and a random golden legendary card from ruins of Outland. If you put 79.99 euros on the table for the mega-package, you get a total of 90 packs, the snake card back, the random golden legendary card and the shaman heroine Lady Vashj, four arena accesses and battlefield bonuses to the legacy of the dragons (this includes about three heroes to choose from, emotes and statistics ).

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