Hearthstone: Map Chaos – Battle of the Champions

from Sebastian Glanzer
The Hearthstone card chaos "Battle of the Champions" returns. You play with a pre-made deck of heroes from Rastakhan's Rambazamba. We show you which special totems have which deck.

In the map chaos of Hearthstone, the heroes of the troll arena return. In this special card chaos, you don't have to put together your own deck, just choose a class. We show you which class gets which shrines / totems and what they can do in the following.

Battle of champions – class totem and their skills

magician (Hexlord Malacrass) – Jan'alai's coat (0/8): Has + spell damage for every spell in your hand.

priest (Princess Talanji) – shrine: Bwonsamdis Sanktum (0/3): Mortification effects are triggered two additional times.

Druid (War Druid Loki) – Shrine: Gonk's Weapons (0/5) – Renew your mana crystals whenever you get armor.

Villain (Captain Shark Tooth) – Shrine: Treasure of the Depths (0/2) – At the start of your turn, you steal a card from your opponent's deck and add it to your hand. This card costs (2) less.

Hunter (Zul'jin) shrine: Halazzis' trap (0/8) – After casting a spell, you activate a random hunter secret.

warrior (Voone) – Totem: Akalis Champion (0/8) – This minion's attack always matches his armor.

Sorcerer (High Priestess Jeklik) – Hir'eek's Hunger (0/8) Whenever your hero takes damage on your turn, it is dealt to the opposing hero instead.

paladin (High Priest Thekal) – Shrine: Shirvallah's Protection (0/4) – After a servant friend has survived damage, he receives God's shield.

shaman (Zentimo) totem: Tide Tribute (0/3): Your battle cries are triggered two additional times.

FAQ about map chaos

When does the map chaos start?
– Every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
When does it end?
-Newly on the following Wednesday (April 8th) at 7 p.m.
What are the requirements?
– A class at level 20.
What's a reward?
– Once a classic card pack, if you win once.
And what does the fun cost?
– Nothing. The card chaos costs you neither gold nor real money.
How does the card chaos work this week?
– You play with a pre-made deck from the troll arena.

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