Today we’re introducing you to a brand new card from the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Unite in Stormwind. Lightbringer’s Hammer is a new weapon for paladins and is wielded personally by none other than Uther Lightbringer. The iconic weapon costs 3 mana, has the values ​​3/2 and has life siphon. The specialty of Hammer of the Lightbringer is that you cannot attack heroes with it.

Hearthstone Reveal: Hammer of the Lightbringer for Paladin Players (1)

Hearthstone Reveal: The Lightbringer’s Hammer for Paladin Players (1)

Source: Blizzard

The righteous Uther’s weapon could not be more appropriate. The hammer is only used to defeat the servants that the opponent sends you in the first rounds. It remains to be seen whether the Lightbringer’s Hammer in the metagame is actually used by Paladin players. The paladin already has access to several healing abilities. In the first rounds, negating the damage against aggressive decks by the life-stealing of the hammer makes it even stronger against the very archetypes that are currently the Hearthstone metagame (buy now 0,00 € ) dominate.

This is the official description by Blizzard for Hammer of the Lightbringer:
Lightbringer’s Hammer

If you’re going to prevent total demonic destruction of a big city, you’ll need some powerful weapons to get the job done! A controlling Paladin archetype will want to take out those pesky early game minions from your opponent and being able to do that while staying at a safe life total is really valuable. Channel the light and squash your enemies as a noble, weapon-wielding Paladin.

United in Stormwind is released on August 3rd. If you want to stay up to date with the map publication until the expansion is released, have a look at our map overview for United in Stormwind.

Hearthstone Unveils “United In Stormwind” Video

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