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Blizzard is sending out initial marketing surveys on the upcoming mercenary mode to random Hearthstone players. Participants can vote on who should best advertise mercenary fashion and which companies should still participate.

With the mercenary mode, Blizzard wants to develop its own Slay the Spire in Hearthstone. Similar to the well-known rogue-like, you put together a team of mercenaries with different skills and fight your way through the dungeon full of groups of opponents and bosses to get your reward at the end. It is not yet clear what the mercenary mode will look like or when it will appear, but Hearthstone players will be allowed to jump into the new game mode by the end of the year at the latest.

The developers are just thinking about how to market the mercenary mode. This is shown by surveys that have recently been sent out to gamers. Participants are asked who should advertise the new mode.

How about actors like Millie Bobby Brown, Mr.T, Sophie Turner or Henry Cavill? Or should Hearthstone icons like Kripparrian and TrumpSC be used? Fictional characters like Rick and Morty are also available. In the survey The question is also asked, which arguments speak in favor of mercenary mode and which other companies are best to team up with.

In another poll via Twitter, in addition to the well-known lead story and path to success, you can see further screenshots from the mercenary mode that show the battlefield of the game. Participants in this survey report that mercenary mode could be advertised as a kind of “gacha game”.

Gacha games are chargeable (mostly mobile games of chance) that you have to pay for each time to unlock premium content. It remains to be hoped that, for example, strong heroes do not have to be unlocked via a shop for real money.

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