Byron Bernstein is dead. The WoW and Hearthstone veteran, known as "Reckful", was 31 years old.

The streamer of Israeli-American origin made a name for himself primarily on Twitch, his WoW streams were followed by almost a million subscribers. Previously, he was already successful in e-sports, among other things he showed his talent in Hearthstone.

Friends and companies with whom Bernstein worked are shown to be affected on various social channels. His ex-girlfriend takes farewell in a short text von Bernstein, with whom she remained in close contact. Among other things, it says:

"My heart hurts. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Byron wanted everyone to be friends, so let's make this wish come true in these difficult times. I'll do my best to be the best possible person I can and live my life accordingly. I promise. Rest in peace. "

Twitch also speaks out on Twitter:

"We are devastated to learn about Byron's death. Our hearts are with his family, friends and community."

Shortly before his death, Bernstein was still working with his community on a video game called Everland.

Bernstein has been open about the psychological problems that plagued him in recent years, such as his ongoing struggle with depression.

We would also like to share our heartfelt condolences with his family and friends and hope that they will get through this difficult time as well as possible.

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