Hearthstone: The Chaos of Cards – A Chance Encounter

from Sebastian Glanzer
The card chaos this week lives up to its name. Because in this mode there are different rules every week, which mainly bring chance into play and thus make the game interesting. Fittingly, you play in A Random Encounter with a deck of randomly thrown cards.

A game of card chaos in Hearthstone is mostly pure coincidence. This week the developers were particularly creative and not only gave the card chaos the appropriate name, but also implemented a very simple rule: At the beginning you select a class and then play with a deck of random cards. Of course, these rules also apply to your opponent, so be prepared for anything. By the way, the demon hunter is not available.

The mana curve is adjusted so that you usually always have something to play, so your deck is not that random. In addition to neutral cards, you also have a few class cards. So you are not playing with cards from other classes. This chaos of cards takes place again in wild mode and rewards you with a classic card pack when you win. Don't forget to check your quests, if necessary to kill two birds with one stone.
FAQ about map chaos

When does the map chaos start?
– Recently every Wednesday at 10 p.m.
When does it end?
-Newly on the following Wednesday (May 13th) at 7 p.m.
What are the requirements?
– A class at level 20.
What's a reward?
– Once a classic card pack, if you win once.
And what does the fun cost?
– Nothing. The card chaos costs you neither gold nor real money.
How does the card chaos work this week?
– You play with a random deck including some class cards. The choice of class is up to you.


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