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Is there anything better to celebrate Hallow's End than worshiping the supernatural and dressing up? The inn will be specially decked out for the Hearthstone limited-time event, with new content every week, including several new map chaos, the return of the double-class arena, a new edition of Book of Heroes for Rexxar, and much more!

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Hearthstone: The new battlefield scoring system in detail

In the blog post, the Hearthstone developers explain how the new scoring system for battlefield mode works exactly. Al’Akir the Wind Lord & lt; br & gt; & lt; em & gt; Crush Insects & lt; / em & gt; (Passive) & lt; br & gt; Start of Combat: Give your servant, who is on the far left, Windfury, Divine Shield and Taunt.Pc

Hearthstone battlefield: 4 new heroes, elemental tribe & more

In Hearthstone's battlefield mode, the rating system is being reset and revised. There are also 4 new heroes and elementals! Blizzard reveals what's happening in WoW, Overwatch and Co. in September (1)

Blizzard reveals what's going to happen in WoW and Co. in the next two weeks

Blizzard tells you what's going on in WoW, Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and Co. in the second half of September.

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