Hearthstone's card back – how do they actually come about?

from Paul Herzog
Every month we get new card backs – but how do they actually come about? What is the effort involved? Senior artist Luke Mancini will take us into a world of concepts and fine-tuning of visual eye catchers next week.

In Blizzard's classic card game Hearthstone, we regularly get new card backs – on the one hand through the (successful) completion of a current season, on the other hand through various adventures. As a result, around 143 times more, sometimes less beautiful card backs have accumulated over the years.

The process of creating a Hearthstone card back

But how do these card backs actually come about? What does this creative process look like? If you have always asked yourself one of these questions, then we have good news for you: because senior concept artist Luke Mancini will take you into a world full of exciting ideas, concepts and sketches. (via Blizzard Entertainment News)

It starts with the concept

Before an idea can be realized, it must first be worked out and sketched. The first part of the three-part show is about brainstorming and drafting a rough sketch. The goal is three possible concepts for the September card back. At the end of the stream, the preferred option is then selected.

From concept to development

Now that the preferred concept has been developed, the next step is to develop the design, the contours and the color scheme. Here, too, Luke Mancini will introduce you to his world of thought as a senior concept artist.

Last but not least: the finishing touch

The first prototype was created from the concept – and the finishing touches have to be given to it. This is all about the small but fine details – the aim of the third part of the series is to present the finished September card back.

Running FaQ in the stream

The developers of Blizzard Entertainment point out that questions can of course be asked in the Twitch.tv stream. Luke Mancini gets help from Lead FX Artist Hadidjah Chamberlin to help answer these questions.

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