Anyone who has always wanted to take a closer look at the strategy game Hearts of Iron 4, but has so far shied away from buying, should do it as soon as possible visit the Steam online store. There is currently an action taking place there, during which you can download the game and try it out for a short time without obligation.

There are no content restrictions, so all features, maps and missions are available to you. Incidentally, you can transfer all progress made as well as the unlocked extras and achievements to the full version, if you should decide to buy it after the promotion. A current discount campaign should make this easier for you: Hearts of Iron 4 will cost you until March 12, 2021 (buy now € 16.61 /€ 35.99 ) in the Cadet Edition only 9.99 euros, which corresponds to a discount of 75 percent.

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However, you shouldn't take too much time with it in order to benefit from the free campaign. This will only run until March 12, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. German time – i.e. until tomorrow Friday evening.

Source: Steam

Hearts of Iron 4 – gamescom trailer

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