In episode number 13 we chat about the brand new and long-awaited A24 fantasy epic “The Green Knight” as well as about the many fresh and extremely exciting cinema trailers of the last few weeks. Also there: the nostalgia mania “Ghostbusters: Afterlife“, the new Ridley Scott film” The Last Duel “, the weird A24 horror film” Lamb “, the gigantic cinema highlight”Dune“by Denis Villeneuve and much more.

In addition, Maci and Chris respond to one or the other community contribution and talk about the upcoming Predator Origin film “Skull” and the German Netflix series “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”, which has a third season and the exciting “True Crime” documentary “Shiny Flakes” about the real “Teenage Drug Lord” is celebrating its big streaming comeback! Do you have thoughts or questions about the films, criticism or praise for the episode? Write us your opinions in the comments or via social media – we look forward to it. All that remains to be said is: Have fun with episode 13!

Our review of The Green Knight: Psychedelischer Fantasy-Trip in den Tod

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All topics in episode # 13 – Timecodes:
00:00:00 – Welcome and introduction
00:02:15 – TRAILER-TALK
00:02:45 – Lamb – weird new A24 horror?
00:07:15 – Pig – Nicolas Cage wants his pig back!
00:10:55 – The Last Duel – Adam Driver vs. Matt Damon
00:27:55 – Ghostbusters: Afterlife – big nostalgia trip?
00:41:51 – Dune – the Star Wars of the modern age ?!
00:51:45 – How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) + Shiny Flakes – The real story on Netflix
00:57:15 – Skull (Predator) – Origin story is coming!
01:04:35 – Community posts
01:21:00 – The Green Knight (Spoilerfrei!)

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