With the Disney Plus series WandaVision the story of the huge MCU universe has been expanded to include another chapter. The TV show, which is particularly interesting for sitcom and Marvel fans, illustrated how it was with Wanda Maximoff and her lover Vision after the events of Avengers: Endgame goes on. The successful series is one of many, which are to be released exclusively on the streaming channel Disney Plus in the next few months and years. Our home cinema boys Maci Naeem Cheema and Chris Fußy talk in this slimmed-down podcast edition about the show, the many hidden details and the uncertain future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What roles do Wanda and Vision play in the upcoming horror action film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness? And what does it all have with Spider-Man to do? Find out in this episode! Please feel free to share your opinion on WandaVision in the comments. Finally, a note for all those who still want to watch WandaVision: There are some spoilers in the podcast, so you have been officially warned. Have fun with the issue!

Can't get enough of series and films? Then listen to the regular editions of our brand new film and TV podcast Home cinema purely! In the most recent episode Maci and Chris talk about the total failure of Wonder Woman in 1984 and the difficult situation for cinemas due to the ongoing corona pandemic.

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