Heirloom changes in Shadowlands

from Norbert Rätz
In the new expansion World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the heirloom items for leveling second characters are completely revised. Today Blizzard announced in a blog post what is being changed in detail. You can read more about this below.

With the start of Shadowlands, the level experience will be completely overhauled. The current maximum level of 120 will be lowered to 50, a new area will be added for learning all the basic mechanics of a newly created character, and the ability to choose an expansion of your choice as a leveling experience and play through its story in full.

Heirlooms and other bonuses that provide additional experience were originally only intended as an interim solution for second characters so that they did not have to spend over a hundred hours climbing up the stairs. With the revised level experience, you will also be able to reach the new maximum level more than twice as fast as before. This fixes the basic problem of leveling up too slowly, making the heirlooms no longer necessary and using them would result in a comparatively strange gaming experience.

The developers therefore want to ensure that heirlooms that have already been collected continue to deliver unique bonuses. You plan to replace the experience bonus on these heirlooms with set bonuses:

  • (2) Set: The consumption of bonus experience due to the level of recovery is reduced by 30%.
  • (3) Set: Non-combat regeneration in wilderness, instances, and battlegrounds is increased by 30%.
  • (4) Set: When you get a level, the Explosion of Knowledge effect, which deals Holy damage to all nearby enemies, is activated and the primary attribute is increased by 40% for two minutes. If you defeat other opponents while the effect is active, the total duration is increased by up to 2 minutes.
  • (6) Set: The consumption of bonus experience due to the level of recovery is reduced by a further 30%.

The new set bonuses can be received from all heirlooms, with the exception of weapons and jewelry. Please note that the new heirloom sets are still under development and therefore changes are possible.

Other items that grant bonus experience will also be revised. The "Enlightenment" bonus from the summit of calm will increase the level of recovery. The "Elixir of Ancient Knowledge", "Elixir of Lightning Thinker" and the "Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning" will be converted into gray objects and will no longer be usable. The "distillate of ten countries" will continue to give 10% of the experience bonus, but only up to level 50.


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