Heirlooms are almost useless in beta

Anyone who has had one or more twinks in Wow leveled up, he probably used one or the other heirloom. These special armors and weapons, which you can use with any character via the InGame collection, offer you all kinds of helpful bonuses on the way to the maximum level. They provide you with the appropriate attributes and values, have special passive or active effects that restore mana or life points or are otherwise useful to you. The heirlooms are particularly popular because of their two properties. Firstly, they scale with your character, which ensures that you don't have to worry about many equipment slots while leveling. You put them on at the beginning of your journey and only replace them again at the maximum level (or the maximum level of the heirloom). On the other hand, they give you additional experience points – both for quests and for killing monsters. This will get you on the way to the endgame faster.

In the beta of WoW Shadowlands the heirlooms have lost the latter bonus. Whether you wear them or not is now irrelevant to your experience points. The streamer and speedrunner has that DesMephisto, who programmed the addon Azeroth autopilot, among other things, to try out how much longer it takes to get from level 1 to level 50 in beta. However, he noticed another negative point.
Instead of about 4 hours as with his last Speedrun (with an active XP bonus), he now needed just over 6 hours. However, that was to be expected, considering that the heirlooms add up to around 55 percent additional experience points. Normal players should be loud DesMephisto take about nine to ten hours to reach level 50, which Shadowlands will then start with.

The point of criticism that came up, however, is not the longer duration of leveling. Due to the item and level squish, the heirlooms have also lost the advantage that they are at the respective level with the best equipment that you can wear. Many quest rewards or items from dungeons are simply much better than the heirlooms. If you combine the weakness of the items with the lack of XP bonuses, the heirlooms lose their right to exist when leveling. That would not be particularly dramatic in itself. However, many players in the past have spent tons of gold or other currencies to buy the heirlooms and revalue them multiple times so that they remain useful in the later expansion. It would be bitter if they were almost completely obsolete.

DesMephisto: The exp bonus wasn't something that I sorely missed, but honestly available items are still better than heirlooms and I'd need to see them largely buffed in value to make them feel worthwhile for having. They were a major investment that has left me a bit frustrated to see changed. Some heirlooms, like the rings, were major time sinks or difficult accomplishments that are in need of being looked at and offering unique aspects.

However, Blizzard has already announced that they want to somehow upgrade the heirlooms. The only question is how? In his experience, DesMephisto would like the heirlooms to have additional effects that would be useful when leveling. Increased riding speed or improvements to individual skills that would make sense when questing – for example, using Heroic Jump more often.
We're excited to see if and what Blizzard does with the heirlooms to keep this player investment useful.

What do you think about it – what effects would you like to have for the heirlooms in the future or don't you mind if these should soon become obsolete?

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