Hell Let Loose was released from Early Access today, July 27th. With the new Eastern Front update, however, the title is far from over, like Black Matter CEO Max Rea in one Conversation with PCGamesN explained. According to Rea, new updates should be released at a similar interval as those from the Early Access period. A major update should be released about every three months and smaller updates and hotfixes should appear in the meantime:

“In the beginning everything went very quickly. This was mainly due to the fact that we did not yet have the necessary content to keep the interest of the players. There are now a lot of maps, weapons, factions, loadouts, vehicles, so many routes to play the game. Right now our main focus is on quality and maintaining quality, which is a challenge of its own. “

One of the four new updates for the coming year should be a large, paid extension. Rea has not yet given any information about this expansion, but it should be on the same level as Update 10, with the Soviet troops.

Black Matter has not yet decided on a price model for their extensions either, as these are still in a planning phase. However, when new content comes into the game, it is not intended to divide the player base. Every player should have access to new maps and new game modes so that no one has the feeling that they have to “buy a new game every year”.

Rea also gives a little insight into which new factions are entering Hell Let Loose (buy now 35,99 € ) could find. According to him, the development studio would like to add the British and Japanese factions to the game.

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