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Actor Henry Cavill is not only known as Witcher Geralt from the Netflix series The Witcher, but also as Superman. And he wants to remain true to this role despite the current success with The Witcher.

The future of Superman on the big screen is uncertain. Will we get another film with Henry Cavill in the role of Man of Steel or will the film series reboot again?

Henry Cavill wants to stay Superman

According to actor Henry Cavill, he would like to throw the red cape on again. He has hope that he can fly through the air again. There are currently no plans for another film.

Henry Cavill recently celebrated with the Netflix series The Witcher a great success and will return to the role of Witcher Geralt for the second season. But that doesn't stop him from wanting to continue playing Superman. He explained that he has the opportunity to work on two projects a year.

What the film studio Warner Bros. intends to do with the cartoon character is still unclear. A few weeks ago there were rumors that director J.J. Abrams should take care of the future of the steel man and there were probably talks with actor Michael B. Jordan about a potential "modernization" of the superhero. It is not yet certain whether we will see the first black Superman.

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