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The game without limits a.k.a. Heroic chaos in Blizzard's online team fighting game Heroes of the Storm goes into the next round: From March 20, you can really let it crash on the 1-way battlefield "Forgotten Cave". Join the queue, choose your hero and tear down the opposing citadel! Here are the news and information about the event.

Grave chamber fans, watch out: The heroic chaos of the week breaks over the Forgotten Cave this time! In the Forgotten Cave, the one-way battlefield, everything is really left to chance. Join the queue, choose your hero and tear down the opposing citadel. And so that there is really steam in the games, there is already after three games a lootbox as a reward – have fun! You can find more information on the exact course of the hero chaos on the official website.

Game info
The heroic chaos in Heroes of the Storm is a separate game mode. Spiced with a pinch of madness, plays on unique cards with surreal twists and own rules that turn everything that was previously a matter of course for you in the game. Take a break from conquering the Nexus, gather your friends, and grab the exclusive weekly rewards!

More information, specials and videos about Heroes of the Storm (buy now for € 7.99) can be found on our Heroes theme page.

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Heroes of the Storm: Welcome to Blizzard's MOBA brawler

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Heroes of the Storm: Ana, D.Va, Valeera in the shop

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Heroes of the Storm: Xul rework and big balance update

Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard has released another update that brings many more balancing changes. Here are the patch notes.

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